Past and Present of Mandi Bahauddin (History of M.B.Din by Mirza Usman)

Lies in center of Jhelum, Sargodha and Gujrat, a district Mandi Bahauddin, very remarkable in history. This is the place where Alexander fought against Persian King Poras with the help of local people living here. During the Mughal Era, Jatts turned out rebellions against their Muslim brothers just for some coins from Sikhs.
When British came here, these people (Muslims and Sikhs) helped them rule out Islamic Rulers and then Sikhs tried to put British Rule to an end. By the time when descendants of Aurangzaib Alamgir were trying to hold Delhi and fight back East India Company Jutts and Marhattas supplied them wine and girls.
Shamelessly when Sufi Malik Muhammad tried to build a mosque here (Usmania Mosque) a Muslim payed by Sikhs tried to assassinated him. Later on according to some he was martyred and some say he escaped, but after more than 75 years the mosque is still incomplete!
In 1927 double railway track was laid by British but now only single is functional…
Like any other historical place, M.B.Din has suffered a lot from racism (where local people hate muhajirs and Chauhdaries call other casts to be Kameen a hindu theory like they think about Shooders) and corruption. People think about 30 Minutes before buying shoes but never think before casting votes and candidates are not asked about qualification, rather would they go with them in Police Station if voter robs or commits some crime 😦
These people did not have any king despite, they call themselves king of bar because they helped East India Company to set foot in Punjab and kill Turk Muslims in WW. British knighted their loyal slaves with the title of King of the Bar.
House of many religious cults, this city saw blood bath in Phalia (the city Alexander built after his horse Beuciphaulus died).
People of Mandi Bahauddin are suffering from wickedness of Caste system and heights of corruption, and hence they need to get rid of ugly caste system.
But I hope the young generation will change this all to very great extent!
Best Regards
Mirza Usman

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