Sword Owns You, Not Vice Versa

It was in 1979, The Central Intelligence Agency, CIA, of United States of America undertook Operation Cyclone, the idea was to instigate, recruit, arm and train Taliban Terrorists to fight USSR in-proxy. United States started the funds with $20-$30 million/year which increased gradually to $630 million per year till 1987.

During those days, the Taliban were hailed as Communist-Killers, Russian Hunters and Mujahidin, and praised as heroes.

US continuously backed Taliban Extremists till USSR yielded and shattered into pieces.

Years passed, the cancer created by US and Israel to counter their competitor, USSR, nourished even after USSR shattered, (US Aid against Northern Alliance) and then instead of disposing them off, left free to infect others.

Perhaps US wanted to use Taliban to teach Iran a lesson, so never dealt with them nicely.

These terrorists, compelled by their nature of blood-thirst turned their face towards Pakistan and then America to suck blood out of vains.

About 60,000 to 70,000 Pakistanis have been butchered by them till now.

Horrible Turn of Events

It is 2017, the same terrain, the same Taliban, the same teams, US and Russia, but this time it is US complaining, putting allegations and shouting that Taliban are backed by Russia. Russia is arming them!

While Russia denies any such act, the reality is even if it is so, it proves the Arabian proverb, The Sword Owns You, Not Vice Versa!

I strongly press that both US and Russia must behave nicely and let the world evolve into a peaceful state.

Why American people be killed, paying ransom to mistakes committed by politicians?

Why Russians be killed because Putin doesn’t like US?

As so far we know, Earth is our Only home! Save it!