Tamil Nadu Drinks Urine to Protest

Could You Drink Urine to Register Protest?

Retrospective View

Due to a dispute, dating back to 1892 and 1924 agreements between Mysore and Madras Presidency, there have been tensions and problems for people of Tamil Nadu, India.

River Map

Refusal to Grant Water for Drinking and Agricultural Purpose

In 2016, Karnataka, a province of India, refused to release Cauvery River water to Tamil Nadu hence putting them in danger of drought and hence huge losses of life and livestock.

Drought Hits Hard

After getting water deprivation of Government, the citizens were further distressed by Mother Nature, as the monsoon failed and drought hit them hard.

They Protested

To protest against the Government, many farmers protested suicide in Thanjavur, Ariyalur, Nagappattinam, Tiruvarur and Perambalur. Ironically the same Government has been demanding repay of loans from the already-stuck farmers. Thus the farmers took streets to protest.

Ministers Reluctant to Leave Air Conditioned Rooms

Finally, some ministers dared to stand up from their chairs and visit formally for formality’s sake and ended up ground-breaking-discovery that Tamil Nadu has been diagnosed with drought.

Only 4% of Required Furnds Released, 1740/40,000 crores

To grant a relief to the people, the state government estimated 40,000,000,000,0 Indian Rupees were required. The central government, instead of providing from reserved treasury, as per demand and regulations, sought to raise a relief fund, which provided only 1740 crore.

Death Toll Rises

Thus the death toll kept rising in both human and animal form.

It is not only the death which a drought brings, its also mother of many other evils, epidemics, social and political problems are also yield of this crop which Central Government of India sowed.

They Protested Again

Led by P Ayyakannu of Trichy, the farmers and other citizens have been protesting since March 2017 demanding release of 40,000 crore of funds.


Ministers reluctant to meet farmers, make it again

Reluctant to meet the farmers and take money out of treasury, the DMK and MDMK leaders, M K Stalin and Vaiko respectively meet the farmers and try to negotiate them to manage with 4% of required funds only.

A shocking protest

On April 10, 2017, the farmers sought to meet Prime Minister Nerendra Modi, but the Prime Minister refused to meet them, moved by his response, awestruck farmer stripped naked outside Prime Minister Office in New Delhi.

After this event and negatively progression of problems, the violent and aggressive protests erupted in aggrieved province of Tamil Nadu.


Escalation of Protests

Film director V Gowthaman and around 100 others staged a protest on Kathipara flyover in Chennai on April 13, extending support to the farmers. They blocked the flyover with an iron chain. Vehicles proceeding to Vadapalani and Anna Salai were stuck, resulting in an almost 3 kilometer-long traffic block in the area.

Drinking Urine as Protest

Left with no other choice, with no justice served, with no voice heard, with rising death-toll and with losses of life and livestock, the farmers decided to desperately Drink Cow Urine to attract media and government attention.

Watch Video

Solution to Problem?

Solution to problem lies in empathy, freedom from corruption and sinecure ministers. In order to solve this problem Bharat should seek to end racism, provincial-ism and introduce more and more tolerance. Furthermore, there should be a methodological way to approach prime minister and other ministers as well.


  • Central Government issues 40,000 crores of estimated relief required and,
  • Central Government presses Karnataka to end Provincial-Prejudice and open the waters
  • Loan repaying is waivered off or annulled (for some)

The situation can be brought back near to normal state

In addition to relieving the farmers, the government must also analyze the victims of drought caused by Provincial Hate, those who lost life and livestock must also be compensated.


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