Buy American, Hire American

“Pakistan First” a slogan, when raised by Gen. R. Pervez Musharaf, caused a loud clamour and public outcry in the rightist parties like then-formed Mutahida Majlis-e-Amal (Allied Action Party) or MMA. Very few could visualize the worth of his plan of putting Pakistan first. History is going to repeat itself with different names and places, this time, in United States of America. Like “Pakistan First” was misquoted, misunderstood and mistranslated by Mullahs, so is going to be with “America First”, the vision of prosperity by Mr. Donald Trump.

United States of America, a country rich with immigrants, primarily consists of immigrants. But as time passed, the country grew its roots into the soil, deeper and firmer.

With the end of cold war, in which US demolished the idol of USSR by exploiting the concept of Jihad and giving birth to Taliban, a new era emerged, which is more capitalist then before. Unfortunately, US forgot to dispose off the homo-sapient weapon she created to annihilate USSR, the Taliban, invaded Afghanistan and Iraq and made some immature statements like “crusade”, while it was war against terror.

This irresponsible behavior caused more damage than the terrorism itself.

War after war, anti-Americanism and then progressive failure of various economic programs lead US citizens to find jobs even at lower wages. A large number of them have become unemployed and whole lot of homeless people emerged on roads.

Benefits of Buy American, Hire American

As a witness of Musharaf’s “Pakistan First” program, I see hope in Trump’s program of “America First”. No nation flourishes lest it depends upon itself. If the Americans are jobless while others from other nations come America, firstly on nonimmigrant visa, then try to score on women and try getting immigrant visa; then this pushes the American people two step backwards. I don’t say all of them go for sham marriages, but it is a general tendency and mind set of such people especially Indian and Indonesian people.

One year of sincere practice of this program, “Buy American, Hire American” can lead to tremendous positive change in economy.

Buy American

“Buy American” will induce more intra-nation trade, think of so many mini companies producing products, with high quality, but since these companies are marginalized, or underestimated; despite having great quality products, the craze for “imported” products crushes them or pushes them way back. These companies are formed by fellow Americans. If the people of US are not willing to buy American? Who will? Russians? Martians?

Moreover, buying American shall put money to change hands on micro to macro level. The home-industries shall flourish. The domestic products shall reach the national level and hence international level.

Hire American

It can only be achieved perfectly if the first part i.e. “Buy American” is also practiced sincerely. With this mindset, the Universities and Schools shall feel a pressure, a vacuum demanding more and more. The nationals who are jobless, will have jobs and those who are not well literate or sharply skilled, will go for improvement. Of course, this all will not happen overnight. This is no fiction novel. This is state at work a nation in progress.


Mr. Trump’s “Buy American, Hire American” program can prove to be revolutionary if people accept it by heart and act upon it by faith. You’re from Republican side, or Democrats’ side, doesn’t matter, America First is an American Dream, by Americans for Americans.



I am not American citizen, nor can I be, because recent #Muslim_Ban doesn’t allow me to come anywhere near US. I have other opinion for that decision. So it means you can’t say I am leftist or rightist, I am just viewing an #Isometric View!

God Bless Humanity

Stay safe, stay blessed!


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