Tomahawk towards Assad or Putin?

[April 7, 2017], 59 Tomahawk missiles target an airfield, controlled by Syrian President Bishar ul Assad. General statement is, “US attacked Assad”, but this statement hardly remains the same outside US. People in different regions and countries look differently at this.

For some living in Arab-Asia i.e. Middle-East it is just another US hostility, for Indian majority, its another blow to Mussla (Muslims), Chinese would see this as another US attempt to terrorize the world and Russia takes it granted that its a message for her.

President Donald Trump talks about Attack

President Donald Trump argued that Assad regime is using chemical weapons on helpless people and that its time that we all should join hands to end the terrorism.

In Pakistan, the opinion is varied and diverse, the general public is divided into groups, one particular group asserts that Assad regime is satanic, barbarian, inhuman and inhumane, while other suggests its all cooked-up story-telling and Assad is as innocent as Truman.

While there are some who are not divided as Shiites or Sunnis and hence detest any nation attacking any other. While some don’t seem to care saying they don’t get any interest in politics.

Now lets analyze what exactly happened.

US, with help of Israel and Pakistan conceives Taliban, uses them and discards them. This is just like you plant mines in field, and leave them there. Then the same philosophy got used against US and Pakistan, US lost some important buildings and some 4000 to 5000 people.
CNN report on Terror Killing

While Pakistan lost a large number of buildings and most importantly about 50,000 people who had nothing to do with global Super-Power race.

The current ISIS is nothing but Taliban V2.0 with more extreme thinking than planted by CIA when they seeded Usama bin Laden and other Mujahidin (Warriors).

At every stage in history, the US government proved to be more selfish than any other government, secret killings, secrete weapon testing, classified crimes like not treating patients of certain diseases and so on.

Drawback is, this mule of Army doesn’t carry any load, rather, the load comes on shoulders of people.

That wheat farmer in Montana, athlete from Nebraska, lawyer in Washington DC and mother of 2 children in Texas has nothing to do with stone-heart Abu Bakar al Baghdadi or Bishar ul Assad.

Recently, US and Russia are coming more closer with firearms in hands. Which means another proxy and cold war. Anyone with even slightest knowledge of global power destabalization and international politics understands that a military like Syrian is no match for US Air Defense system, anyone in his senses knows what attack on Noth Korea means, messing with China, right? And invasion on Syria is in a way Trump’s whatsApp to Putin.

Should we support President Trump?
Honestly the answer to this question is more difficult than understanding what happened to nice sober elections.

If we analyze, US has already messed with herself too much, there is no continent left without US poking nose into other’s affairs. As a result, there is ever increasing anti-americanism which is another challenge humanity is facing head on.

Why? because as I said earlier, that mother of two kids has nothing to do with who sells more weapons, she’s got bills to pay and kids’ future to worry about.

The retaliation of terrorists is always targeted towards the general public. No US president died in Twin Towers, no US senator died in a car bomb blast. Its the common person who is plundered off by both parties, firstly the government plundering him of all his money collected as taxes and funds, and then the second party, the terrorist group which plunders his life as well.

With these facts in mind, one can state that its a terrible action by Mr. Trump and his retinue.

Should US engage Russia in Proxy war?

Like two school kids, Russia and US, both blame each other, “he started first” and they fight to prove their argument.

At this time when there are more people killed by guns at homeland soil then foreign soil, I think US should really focus on her internal affairs, empower the women more in terms of job opportunities and equal wages/salaries.

We still need to exterminate the racism from our cultures instead of just collecting more and more arms to kill each other and ourselves.

Any action by US or Russia directly affects their people and the Syrian people and the world indirectly.

Perhaps Mr. Donald Trump should focus on internal affairs so that the people of US and the world would stay civil!

There shouldn’t be anymore bloodshed in the name of democracy and for the cause of oil, no matter who does so, Putin, Trump or Assad.

This cat-n-mouse play is turning the earth into Mars, barren, lifeless and dead!


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