I am a leaf on tree of life

The blood inside you has the same color the blood inside the person living the far side of the world, this world is a tree of life where you are just a leaf but remember you are the most important leaf and at the same time you need other leaves to be with you. You cannot process the entire sunlight and you alone cannot support the life system of the tree of life.
You.ll see some leaves have different sizes and colors living on different branches. Remember you cannot put your old branch aside and live the animated existence.
Remember some leaves think there is only tree they know and need, some believe that there is ground below the tree. While some believe there is a Gardener who daily feeds the tree with water and sprinkles water over you all leaves. But no matter what they believe in, you MUST coexist with them because you owe them a bountiful life. So don.t hate others on base of color, cast, religion or wealth.
I wrote these lines and closed my notebook, as I was just writing without pausing and thinking what words I write next to the current…
She came to me walking with patience and pride, with waves of confidence over her face, she is has golden hair, and when she comes out with trembling voice, suggesting me to leave whatever I am doing, I usually do the same as she expects, I stand up for her, blow her a pleasant whistle and then she stops just before me…
With eyes in my eyes, and a few words, I don.t know what spell that voice casts over me, is that an order or request but I get no other choice else to do whatever she directs, but first of all I hold her from her back and push near me, I move my fingers in her hair and over her eyes, then I take her in my arms and this is the moment when, she kisses my hands and my arms while singing in her sweet voice…
Again she stopped at my feet and sparked her eyes. And now I am going to feed her milk. I love my golden cat.
See you later. now busy with my darling cat.
[Blog By : Mirza Usman < Muhammad Usman Mirza > +923217744778 ]

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